Where Money Intersects Life

We believe in individual, customized planning – NOT an assembly line, one-size-fits-all approach. We know, personally and professionally, that just because you’re 30, it doesn’t mean retirement isn’t already on your mind. Or for that matter, that someone at 50 couldn’t be starting a new career, in no hurry to retire at all. Volunteering, saving for college, or caring for family happens at every age. While we’ve considered stages of life as a progression of planning, our clients don’t live in a box.

Our approach is Financial Life Planning. It’s more than a presentation, paragraph, or questionnaire. In fact, it’s an experience. Our process broadens the conversation from simple asset management to a comprehensive dialogue about where your money goals intersect with your life goals. It’s a relationship-based approach that considers much more than the numbers.

There are companies that attempt to provide good tax or investment planning without considering your values. But that’s not us. For us, it starts with YOU. Really.

This is the core of Mosaic Wealth Management Group.

Financial Life Stages
Your 20's to 40's
Financial Planning
This stage of life spans decades: think having children, buying homes, paying for college, job changes or understanding those employee benefits. You’re experiencing more transitions in this time than any other. After all, money isn’t the only thing that compounds – life does too. We bring true partnership to help you navigate these hectic building years.
Your 50's to 60's
Retirement Planning
This isn’t your parents’ retirement. You’ve been headed toward this moment since your very first job. You deserve planning that carefully considers what all that work was for – and how to bring it together. Retirement should look just like you, and it starts right here.
Your 70's and Beyond
Legacy Planning
Preparing your wealth to transition into the hands of those you love requires careful, sophisticated, and meaningful planning. If legacy planning is done well, your impact will be felt for generations. Knowing that some of your most significant decisions are still ahead of you, we will work with you in order to set your legacy into motion.